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Meet the MotherCoders: An Excerpt From GEEK GIRL RISING

In GEEK GIRL RISING, meet some of the women changing the tech industry from the inside out.

Ruby Karp on Why She Embraces the F-Word (“Feminism”)

I had some understanding of feminism, at least in its most basic form, from a very young age. In kindergarten, my show-and-tell consisted of a small booklet of photos of me doing things that others might identify as “boy activities.” There were photos of me running, rock climbing, and posing with action figures. I explained […]

What “Having It All” Means to Me

In a heartwarming letter to her daughters, one CEO shares the life lessons she’s learned from being a mom and an entrepreneur.

What Women Can Do to Bust the Myth that We Don’t Support Each Other

LeanIn.Org president Rachel Thomas shares four ways women can support each other –– and reflects on the amazing things we accomplish when we do.

How LGBTQ Families Can Partner With Schools to Gain Community Support

See how LGBTQ families can partner with schools to root out bias and create a welcoming environment for everyone.

Now What? Here’s How Smart Women Succeed Despite Gender Barriers

Get tips to navigate gender bias in the workplace and succeed in any environment

Things We

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Girls and Sports

9 Things We Wouldn’t Have Without Title IX

Enjoy 9 sports moments that wouldn’t exist without Title IX, which 43 years ago ended sex discrimination in schools.
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TV and Film

The Gender-Stereotype Busting Ads That Won the Glass Lion Award

For the first time ever, an award called the “Glass Lion” honors ads that address prejudice.
Men Leaning In

“Dads, Take Your Leave”

15 fathers make their case for paternity leave.
Action Figures
Good for Girls

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler Are Now Action Figures

Soon, you can pretend that the famous comedy duo are your friends in real life!

What Does Real Equality Look Like?

What does Sheryl want the world to look like in 2030? That’s easy — she wants real equality,

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