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Get inspired to #LeanInTogether for the women in your life. To learn more about how you can play your part, check out these expert talks, informative articles, and fun activities for men at home and at work.

Stand-Up Guy

A Stand-Up Guy encourages and supports the women in his life and challenges gender bias. We typically underestimate women’s performance and give them less credit for their accomplishments. As a result, their confidence often erodes and they become less likely to pursue new opportunities. For example, men typically apply for jobs when they meet 60 percent of the hiring criteria, while women wait until they meet 100 percent. Celebrate your female friends and family members’ abilities and encourage them to go for it. Men are expected to be strong and in charge, so we welcome their leadership. In contrast, women are expected to be kind and collaborative, so they often face pushback when they take the lead. Listen for the language of this likability penalty. When you hear a woman called “aggressive” or “ambitious,” request a specific example of what she did and then ask, “Would you have the same reaction if a man did the same thing?” In many cases, the answer will be no.