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Leadership Fundamentals for LGBTQ+ Groups

LGBTQ+ groups often face demeaning microaggressions at work, including offensive comments, invasive personal questions, or exclusion from events and meetings. This playlist is for any LGBTQ+ individual who is impacted by the biases that women face, and features research-backed, actionable steps you can take to combat these biases. Each video is accompanied by a guide specific to the experiences of LGBTQ+ groups. The guide helps you discuss with your peers how best to navigate these challenges and thrive at work.

Have you ever felt like the women in your workplace have to go to great lengths to prove themselves—while people just assume that men are smart and capable? It’s time to shatter the unfair perception that women are less suited to leadership. In this video, we provide actionable advice on how you can combat performance bias, get credit for your contributions, and cultivate relationships that will propel your career to new heights.  

Each playlist is 7-to-9 months of curated content for women with shared experiences, career stages, or skill-building goals. We provide a kickoff guide to set the stage for your first Circle meeting, custom discussion guides for each video, and a Looking Back and Next Steps Guide after you complete the playlist (which is coming soon).

Download the accompanying Discussion Guide to explore this topic with your Lean In Circle.

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